Accepting Characters!

Hello, lovely followers. As most of you know, we’ve always been apart of the Tronblr cast here on Tumblr. We have our own…I suppose it would be a category of Marvel characters, Marvelblr (Shiny new roleplay group blog). We would love to do some big plotting so people who take characters and are really fantastic at making up plots would be awesome

The only rules we have are as follows;

  • Be kind and polite to your fellow roleplayers.
  • Do not do anything major without getting the “OK” from any other character(s) involved.
  • Be as active as possible!
  • When you want to take a character we’d love to have a little drabble from you to see how well you write the character of your choosing.
  • Have fun and be creative!

We all usually communicate on Skype; we make sure to keep everyone’s contact info here so if you become apart of our group, please please reblog it and fill it in.

We’ve just finished the “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Arc”. The tags you can look into if you’re interested in reading up on what occurred are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Arc & TonysNightmares. Other villains are very much encouraged as well any other Marvel or DC characters not listed(or who are listed as needed), characters from any fandom and OCs.

Send an ask/submit if you’re interested!