So, we’re thinking Group Chat this Thursday, 1pm Pacific time.

Like if you can make it and you’re down. If you can’t, we can always update you on what we discussed.

Character Needed!

Hey lovely followers - our Steve had to leave us due to too much work with college.. We really need someone to play him for us. Only thing is, with our group, we can’t do any Steve/Tony…because Tony’s married. We have everyone except for Steve so we’d very much appreciate a taker! Two other characters that are needed are Natasha/Black Widow and Clint/Hawkeye.

The only rules we have are as follows;

  • Be kind and polite to your fellow roleplayers.
  • Do not do anything major without getting the “OK” from any other character(s) involved.
  • Be as active as possible!
  • When you want to take a character we’d love to have a little drabble from you to see how well you write the character of your choosing.
  • Have fun and be creative!

We all usually communicate on Skype; we make sure to keep everyone’s contact info here so if you become apart of our group, please please reblog it and fill it in.

We’ve just finished the “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Arc”. The tags you can look into if you’re interested in reading up on what occurred are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Arc & TonysNightmares

Send an ask/submit if you’re interested!

ooc: Character Needed;


Hello, lovely followers~

We have a particular plot brewing at the moment and we can’t get it completely off the ground without a certain character. This is an alternate Avengers plot and we need a Thanos.

To read up on the plot, go over here and look under “Large Scale Plots”. If you’re interested please contact us here; rules and guidelines are in the submit.

Skype Group Chat This Friday Evening!

Evening, darlings~ Or morning, whatever your timezone is. So, due to a particular plot that we’ve had brewing for a little while, a group chat is in order! We also need to welcome our new group members as well as fill them in on our current plans. Pacific time would be around five or six-ish. If anyone has any problems or different suggestions, let us know!

Skype names are listed in the contact info if you need any of them. If you need any not listed, feel free to ask<3


Two new Characters added, guys!

Go follow our Bruce Banner, guys!

Dear Group Roleplayers;

I really need some stuff for the Character Relationships page other than just the things I have written. If you could write some stuff up and submit it for me to include on the group tumblr when you have the time, that would be lovely~

Thank you<3

[Marvelblr Assemble: Contact Info]


Player: Amanda

Personal: dazzledfirestar (I’m never there anymore.)

Nickname(s): Daz

Skype: not-a-caged-bird

AIM/MSN(Optional): dazzledfirestar/not applicable



[Marvelblr Assemble: Contact Info]


Player: Aimée.

Personal: snkt.

Nickname(s): Kin.

Skype: heirofasgard.

AIM/MSN(Optional): -



[Marvelblr Assemble: Contact Info]


Player: Rhiannon. 

Personal: Don’t go on it anymore.

Nickname(s): Rhi or Ray Ray.

Skype: alsoknownasironman